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Sep 20, 2005

0:00-1:55 Introduction
Intro, under-18 warning, and an apology.

1:55-7:50 Listener mail
Eric Silverbear and poly conferences; Takanami calls in about painting; K writes in about women talking about sex; Vannevar Morgan comments on my approach to smut

7:50-10:30 Comments--erotica: Morgan Hawke
Morgan Hawke, author of Victorious Star, Fortune's Star and Fallen Star, writes in about how he came to start writing poly-friendly erotica of the MFM variety and "erotic romance." His work is available at or

10:30-13:50 Comments: on sending flowers
Graydancer of Rope Weekly writes in with some poly advice, and minx tells a story.

13:50-21:30 Comments: Amy Gahran comments on coming out
Amy Gahran of Contentious tells more about her professional outing and makes a few corrections. Links:
How To Get Naked This is a downloadable audio link of the panel discussion.
Her blog article on outing herself.

21:30-26:30 Listener mail: single and poly
5x5guy writes in to ask about dealing with being a third and issues surrounding that.

26:30-28:30 Topic: The Anna Karennina principle
Pure agnostic's musings in the Polyfi community about the necessary ingredients for a happy poly relationship, including above-average communication skills, above-average problem-solving skills, unflinching honesty and integrity, flexibility and compromise and empathy.

28:30-35:30 Topic: Baltimore Sun article, "Term of Endearments"
This wonderful article on the Loving More conference in the Baltimore Sun is unfortunately no longer available online, but the staff writer was John Woestendick if you'd like to write in and compliment him. Robyn Trask of Loving More magazine is quote extensively.

35:30-end Wrap-up