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Aug 30, 2021

Emily Blake and Gabriel Figueroa share their goal with their new animated sex ed series, Welcome to Kinkyville. Support their Kickstarter here!

00:30 Introduction and host chat

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  • The empathy gap and why it’s hard to predict your behavior in a hot state when you’re in a cold...

Aug 14, 2021

A listener falls in love with a relapsed, suicidal alcoholic and asks how to move forward when her husband hates this new relationship that makes her so happy.

0:45 Introduction and host chat

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1:30 Lusty Guy’s Politics Corner: look at your party’s track record

The next...

Aug 2, 2021

A listener in a hierarchical relationship with her nesting partner asks how to start the conversation about moving to a more egalitarian one.

0:00 Introduction and host chat