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Mar 27, 2008

Eros, a bisexual polyamorous (and at times extremely juicy!) memoir: an interview with Serena Anderlini-d'Onofrio about her book, Eros: a Journey of Multiple Loves. Email, call 206-202-POLY, Twitter cunningminx, comment at or participate in the forums at

PW 147 and 148 files working

Mar 25, 2008

Hey,guys! I talked with Rob Walsh last night, and episodes 147 and 148 are working now.

Mar 22, 2008

Is monogamy biologically "natural" for humans? Email, call 206-202-POLY or visit the blog at

Problem with PW #147

Mar 21, 2008

If you haven't already discovered it, there is a problem with downloading PW #147. I've got calls in to LibSyn, and I'll update as soon as the file is available. Just hold on with me! In the meantime, why not visit or the forums at, just for...

Mar 16, 2008

Listener feedback, including the "normality" of lying and cheating, dealing with NRE, and a poem promising conditional love. Email, call 206-202-POLY or visit the blog at New forums are up at