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Aug 30, 2021

Emily Blake and Gabriel Figueroa share their goal with their new animated sex ed series, Welcome to Kinkyville. Support their Kickstarter here!

00:30 Introduction and host chat

08:16 Lusty Guy’s Politics Corner: is it legal to require vaccines?

This issue was settled definitely by the Supreme Court in 1905 with Jacobson V Massachusetts.

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14:15 Topic: Welcome to Kinkyville

We interview Gabriel Figueroa and Emily Blake about their new animated sex-ed series, Welcome to Kinkyville.

Emily and is a polyamorous switch and screenwriter who over the last three years has been developing Welcome To Kinkyville. She has been on more than one list of writers with great potential who almost sold a screenplay.  She's a script supervisor, an obsessive Dungeons and Dragons player, and a geek fashion designer. But mostly, she's on a crusade to rid the world of sexual shame and abuse brought on by years of oppressive societal conditioning. She is on Twitter a LOT.

Gabriel is was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He now lives in Hollywood where he is a professional trailer editor who's created commercials for Hollywood studios, streaming platforms and independent productions. He uses Twitter to raise awareness about polyamory and kink. Above all, he is known for his serious collection of hats and BDSM accoutrements.

Back their Kickstarter campaign, check out the Kinkyville Facebook page, their Kinkyville’s Twitter, the Kinkyville’s Instagram, their YouTube, and Emily’s Twitter account.

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30:20 Feedback

The guy from episode 432 writes in with an update!

31:12 Happy poly moment

S shares an NRE happy poly moment.

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