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Nov 25, 2007

All listener mail, listener feedback and listener-suggested topics, all the time! Feedback on past shows and new topics, including how do single parents find time to be poly; do you facilitate a lie; and what do you do when one person is an ex but the other two aren't??

Email, call 206-202-POLY or...

Nov 18, 2007

Minx and Alan discuss several mentions of poly in the mainstream media--from advice columnists to Sandra Day O'Connor's love vee to poly geezers, we got your poly in the media! Email, call 206-202-POLY or visit the blog at

Nov 9, 2007

Why get married at all? And for how long if you do? A conversation with Nobilis. Email, call 206-202-POLY, Twitter cunningminx or visit

Nov 1, 2007

A year and a half in: an interview with Max and Lorelei, who joined their busy poly tribe 18 months ago. Email, call 206-202-POLY, and visit the blog at