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Feb 5, 2020

What do you do when you have one romantic partner and your partner has none?

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5:40 Topic: Feast or famine: when you have more partners than your partner

Oliver is in his first non-mono relationship with S. S had said she wouldn’t date him if he were monogamous, so he gave it a try. Now he is in a relationship with T, and S has decided that “meaningless sex with strangers” aren’t what she wants. Oliver is afraid S will ask him to stop seeing T, since S has no relationship partners.

Has anyone of you ever come across a situation where you've been frustrated with non-monogamy? How can you manage a situation where one partner has other partners while the other one doesn't?

  • It’s the people involved, not the relationship style you should question.
  • Relationships don’t have to be equal; they only need to be fair. Your polyamory isn’t contingent upon your partner having a certain number of relationships/partners. 
  • Relationship ruler: is it making you a happier and healthier version of yourself?
  • You can be gay and not dating. You can be poly and only dating one person (like Minx)
  • You get to decide who you date and how you date them. So does she. She doesn’t get to say who you date (although she can certainly establish a boundary that if you date other people, she won’t be with you).

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17:20 Happy poly moment

C writes in to share a happy poly moment about opening her relationship due to a long-distance move, and things went well!

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