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Aug 25, 2005

Coming up on this week's special hour-long Polyamory Weekly: emotional journeying, psychic vampires, and radical ecstasy at Ohio Leather Fest. community cooperation (or lack thereof), more thoughts on poly vs swinging, relationship roles, arguments, and saying goodbye to your secret lover.

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00-3:50 Introduction. updates
Introduction, under-18 warning and redirection to Graydancer co-hosts as we are both silly and sleep-deprived after rushing back early from Ohio Leather Fest to attend to Genevieve in the hospital. Yes, she seems to be OK, although the doctors still don't know what brought on her attacks of tachycardia. And Graydancer tells of how a charge nurse jolted him from OLF head space into St. Anthony's hospital real space.

3:50 OLF recap: Dossie Easton's Emotional Journeying
OLF recap--Graydancer reviews Dossie Easton's seminar on Emotional Journeying. The Ethical Slut and Radical Ecstasy are mentioned, along with Jung and childhood issues.

6:45-13:00 OLF: Michelle Belanger's The Body Electric
We both discuss Michelle Belanger's amazing "The Body Electric" energy work seminar, in which graydancer experienced energy exchange as a dom, and minx was in the "splash zone," so her yoni got some energy action as well! And yes, she agreed to an interview, so stay tuned for a fascinating interview with this psychic vampire.

13:00-20:10 OLF: Janet Hardy's workshop review
First, her books: The Ethical Slut, Radical Ecstasy, The New Topping Book, The New Bottoming Book, and Kinkycrafts. Did we mention she's also the founder of The Greenery Press? Go buy these books there! Our seminar experience, with three-way energy flow, head space, green alien energy glow, and some radical ecstasy of our own.

20:10 Graydancer talks about how to become a better kinkster

21:00-28:05 Community clashes
We discuss Rick Mansfield's keynote address and listener mail: why can't the alternative communities just get along and pull together?

28:05-35:00 Listener mail: poly vs swinging
What is polysexual? Are our labels bringing us down and confusing us? Is it the in-betweeners of the poly and swinger communities that are giving both a bad name?

35:00-36:30 Listener mail: Sambear writes in to stroke the minx

36:30-43:15 Listener mail: Relationship roles
Vannevar Morgan writes in about choosing the roles in your relationship and a plea to hear more about how to argue through relationship-threatening issues; Graydancer and minx disagree about god vs. culture.

43:15-45:00 Listener mail: argument advice
Friendly neighborhood swingers write in again about using "I love you, but I don't like you very much right now" as a way to argue without fearing the loss of the relationship.

45:00- Weird shit: Secret Lover cards
The collection is a Secret Lover. Graydancer reads "So in Love" and minx reads "Goodbye." We recommend Kinky Cards if you're into BDSM or Naughty Cards.

50:45-end Plugs galore!
Upcoming interview with Michelle Belanger, Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy. Graydancer plugs his show, Rope Weekly, which he'll be promoting at the Open Heart, Open Mind conference in San Francisco in September.

Like the intro/outro music? It's by a band called Pacemaker Jane out of Ohio. Go buy their stuff!