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Aug 2, 2005

Ay. Just flew in from Tuscon, arriving home at 1:00 this morning; edited my little heart out on the plane until my battery died and finished up the post this morning. So forgive any tech difficulties; this was edited and posted on scant hours of sleep!

Show Notes for Polyamory Weekly for August 2, 2005:

In this week's show, more on the hotwife lifestyle, on being poly and living with herpes, one listener's story of coming out to children, why minx is fucking pissed off and how minx discovered that all her listeners were big perverts.

00-3:15 Intro & chat
under-18 warning and re-direction to Scarleteen, Tuscon visit to fencert, teaser for upcoming interviews. Like the new intro/outro music? It's a band out of Ohio, Pacemaker Jane and the song, available for download through Garage Band, is called "Good Suspicion."

3:15-7:50 Listener mail: poly sexuality; living with hsv, hpv
Demonicvinyl orc writes in about being poly and his own sexuality, plus dealing with hsv (herpes) and hpv (genital warts) in a poly situation.

7:50-9:00 Listener mail: more on the hotwife lifestyle
TA provides links and more info on the hotwife phenomenon, including articles here and communities here.

9:00-14:50 Listener mail: one story of coming out to children
Takanami and Imp share their stories of coming out to their kids.

14:50-15:45 Listener mail: a movie suggestion, "Closer"

15:45-23:30 The CDA is pissin' me off
Freedom of Speech (not): Barbara Nitke and the case against the CDA. To donate: donate to fight the CDA , NCSF websiteBarbara Nitke's website.

23:30-end Listener mail: most-downloaded episode?
What's the most-downloaded episode? or "How minx discovered that her listeners were all pervs" & wrap-up.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Email me at Thanks for listening, ya pervs!