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Sep 5, 2005

00-2:50 Introduction and under-18 warning

2:50-4:20 introduction on Dossie and Janet

4:20-11:20 Is polyamory really about the sex?
Answer: yes! How sex can be there even when it's not; what is "sex" anyway; should the right to a vibrator-induced orgasm be included in the bill of rights?

11:20-16:50 What do you see as the relationship between BDSM and poly lifestyles?
Dossie comments on the BDSM community recognizing many different roles; Janet muses that BDSM folks often don't see sex as binary

Thoughts on what "sex" and "monogamy" mean; what feelings are likely to encourage jealousy; learning how to take care of yourself when jealous

on competitiveness in the BDSM scene

on role-playing Samwise and Gollum; on the victim/villain roleplay scenario and women's prison movies; emotional journeying and uncovering and welcoming the "shadow" through role playing

vulnerability of the top through the prom queen/juvenile delinquent scene

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