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Jan 6, 2021

How to experience and nurture compersion in your relationships

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3:50 Lusty Guy’s polyamory and politics corner

Both sides are not the same. If what you are looking for deep, systemic reform to systems, yeah, they are similar. But with 300,000 new cases of COVID in the U.S., the response would have been different with a Democrat in office. If you’re a woman seeking an abortion, an economist, a climatologist, or a trans person, you can see the difference.

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9:00 Topic: How do I develop compersion?

If you don’t feel compersion, how do you develop the capacity to experience it.

  • Compersion is the non-sexual joy you feel in seeing joy in others. It’s empathy, and you likely experience it all the time. If you’ve ever been happy for a friend at their wedding or joyful that your kid won their soccer game, you’ve felt compersion.
  • Start noticing and naming the compersion you feel already. If insecurity or jealousy are blocking you from feeling it in your poly relationships, try some of our jealousy/insecurity exercises, such as Discuss, Distract, Do and And Then What.
  • Consider compersion a muscle that you can exercise. Practice it mentally. For example, try experiencing feeling empathy/compersion when your metamour wins a video game.

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  • S shares a story of her metamour saving their life
  • R finds strength and courage to pursue polyamory

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