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Oct 9, 2019

After four years, listener Newseeker is tired of asking her husband's permission every time she wants to go on a date with her partner of three years. How long should she accommodate his slow pace?

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6:10 I’m tired of the restrictions my husband is putting on me

Newseeker (married 10 years, open for four, with a partner of three years) writes in to say she is tired of the objections her husband has to how she practices poly. He’d prefer she have more random sexual partners and not be in another loving relationship. Even though opening the relationship was her idea, it’s taxing on her to constantly have to ask when she can see her partner and wait until the last minute to make plans to accommodate hubby.

  • The permission model doesn’t work for adults, only with kids
  • No one can maintain an unnatural pace indefinitely
  • The Relationship Bill of Rights refers to agency: you have a say in how many partners to have, which ones, and how often you see them.

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This week’s HPM is from a gay triad with no one feeling left out!

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