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Oct 2, 2019

A listener is engaged to her fiancée, who just came out as straight. How does she cope with not having sex with her soon-to-be wife?

0:00 Introduction and host chat

Content warning and why you can’t find our podcast on Apple Podcasts in India.

Let’s celebrate Dixie De la Tour, Bawdy Storytelling, and the Bawdy Storytelling podcast that you can subscribe to on Apple Podcasts. There is also a Facebook group of Bawdy fans that is super fun.

5:30 Poly in the news

Couple-centric and non-diverse article in Cascadia claiming Portland is the center of Pacific NW poly

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10:45 My fiancée now identifies as straight and doesn’t want sex with me

Emily writes in to say that her fiancée recently identified as straight and will no longer have sex with her. She says they are poly, so it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any sex for her, but she is confused. She says she their love is unconditional, so it shouldn’t matter, but what does this mean for their relationship?

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21:00 Happy Poly Moment

This week’s HPM is multinational and tech-assisted!

22:10 Feedback

SLT writes in in response to episode 519 on the issue of poly-friendly housing and

23:30 Thank you to our subscribers and contributors

Thanks to Pacemaker Jane for letting us use their song Good Suspicions as our intro and outro music and to you for listening and sharing.