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Feb 16, 2019

Do families have to live together? My partners and I agreed to live together and have kids, but now I'm not so sure.

0:00 Introduction and host chat

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1:15 Host chat

5:45 Poly in the news

Is there such a thing as poly-dar? Do poly folks have certain recognizable traits?

8:00 Topic: Do families need to live together?

Lewis has a male partner and a woman partner, Sally, and the three of them have discussed living together as a family and fathering kids with Sally. However, Lewis says their communication has not been great and their relationship was pretty dysfunctional until recently. He also values his own space and privacy. Is it OK to father kids if you don’t intend to live together as a family?

  • Good instinct to get counseling when the relationship isn’t already pretty healthy
  • You decide what’s good for you, not what’s good for anyone else

17:30 Feedback

A listener calls in to ask how to find poly folks rural Pennsylvania.

22:45 Happy Poly Moment

  • Danielle shares a snow day happy poly moment.
  • Lusty Guy shares a surprise happy poly moment!

25:30 Thank you

Thanks to Shelly for the donation, and welcome Laurel and Terra to the Poly Weekly Playmates!

32:00 How to make this podcast better

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