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Nov 5, 2018

Lawyer Melissa Hall shares exciting news about the new parentage act being enacted in Washington state and hopefully, beyond.

0:00 Introduction and host chat

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1:00 Host chat and announcements

Let’s talk about the new Netflix show, Wanderlust. **SPOILERS FROM 4:30-9:30**

9:30 Poly in the news

Teen Vogue hits it out of the park again.

10:30 Interview: Melissa Hall on new, poly-friendly parentage laws in the U.S.

Melissa Hall shares updates to parentage laws in Washington state and adoptable throughout the U.S. The Parentage Act makes possible third-parent adoptions and establishes rules for de facto parentage. This enables third- (or fourth!)-parent adoptions. “Uniform law” means they’ll push to enact in all 50 states.

New definitions of de facto parenting mean that the court can recognize people as parents when both the adult and kid see the kid as a parent, even if they aren’t a legal parent. Find Melissa on Twitter at @vrimj, online at or via email at

24:15 Feedback

Alana writes in about episode 560 Poly and pregnant, saying that they had to revert to monogamy during her pregnancy due to hormones, stress, and the insecurities that surfaced.

26:15 Happy poly moment

Louise in the U.K. writes in to share a story of going from being lonely and polyunsaturated to being in the middle of a long squiggly polycule and full of NRE.

28:15 How to make this podcast better

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