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Sep 23, 2018

If our relationship is healthy, and I want more sex and to explore my bisexuality, will poly work for us?

0:00 Introduction and host chat

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  • What’s been going on with Minx, why we went on an unexpected hiatus (physical therapy for osteoarthritis).
  • We’re leaving for a 10-day vacation in Paris!
  • And we’ll be in Hawaii in January

9:30 Can poly work for a sexual mismatch?

Bryan is a bisexual man in Germany who loves his healthy relationship with his girlfriend of four years, except for one thing—he wants sex daily; she wants sex once a month. Can poly work for their sexual mismatch of their otherwise healthy relationship?

  • Yes, it can, if your relationship is otherwise healthy.
  • Unless what you really want is not more sex but more sex with your girlfriend--that won’t work.
  • Keep aware that even if you say you just want sex and no love/relationship—life doesn’t work like that.
  • Consider sex workers if you really just want more sex with no danger of anyone falling in love with anyone else. German FKK clubs are wonderful.
  • If you decide sex workers aren’t for you, take some time to discuss what you’re afraid of. Explore these discussions over time and while you’re in different moods, over weeks or even months.
  • Do your research, find more books to read. Find your community.

22:30 Happy Poly Moment

R shares a cookie-baking happy poly moment.

25:30 How to make this podcast better

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