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Mar 14, 2018

Is it OK to date someone who doesn't communicate well if he's all that's available and I like him?

0:00 Introduction and host chat

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1:00 Announcements

4:15 Listener question: is it OK to date the strong, silent type?

Copper is in a rural area of Alaska and met a guy that she experienced a strong connection with, but he’s not very communicative, and she’s afraid of oversharing. How does she mesh the “poly culture” of emotional intelligence and communication with the “Alaskan culture” of not communicating around emotions?

  • Lusty Guy says it’s not about cultures but about what YOU need. And do you really want to date someone who blew you off?
  • Minx says “you do you.” Be yourself. He might not be afraid of your oversharing—you won’t know until you try.
  • Fuck poly community standards—do you need someone who communicates well? If not, go to it! If you are OK dating someone you can’t share your shit with or just need Mr. Right Now, go right ahead.

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