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Feb 19, 2018

Brenda Wiebe discusses her new book, Catch & Release: How I Used Science to Hack My Love Life

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8:05 Brenda Weibe: Catch & Release: How I Used Science to Hack My Love Life

Brenda Wiebe currently lives in downtown Salt Lake City with her partner. She completed two back to back masters’ programs, one in sociology and the other in anthropology. She taught courses at the college level for both subjects. She has also given presentations about polyamory to poly/swinger/kink communities and at a conference about polyamory called RelateCon. Currently, her full time job is social work geared toward helping vulnerable adults.     

Three years ago she began working on Catch and Release: How I Used Science to Hack My Love Life where she uses her skills as a researcher of sociology and anthropology to write a review of different relationship patterns throughout human history; as well as, a summary of some of the leading current research on relationships. Intermingled throughout the science is the story of her journey to polyamory. Her goal is to explain how cultural pressures and religious indoctrination have created the current mainstream monogamous model that is so prevalent in today’s society and offer an alternative.

When she’s not writing or working, Brenda enjoys reading fantasy novels, drinking the beer her partner brews, and wandering in the mountains when the weather is nice.

Brenda is at and on Twitter as blwiebe69 and Facebook at B.L. Wiebe and Instagram at blwiebe

Her book is Catch & Release: How I Used Science to Hack My Love Life.

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Nancy in Cleveland writes in to share nine months of Happy Poly Moments around organizing her local poly group

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