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May 11, 2017

Jenn Stauffer of Utah Poly shares her insights on the testing and transmission of four key STIs

0:00 Introduction and host chat

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1:30 Announcements and host chat

I’ll be giving a talk on polyamory at Ignite Seattle on May 18. Keep an eye on the Poly Weekly Facebook page and Twitter account for the livestream if you’d like to watch remotely.

3:10 Topic:

Jenn Stauffer of Utah Poly shares the key takeaways from her RelateCon presentation on The Sensible Slut, a review of the transmission and testing methods of the top four STIs: chlamydia, HPV, HSV and HIV. Contact her via Utah Poly.

28:10 Feedback

Listener K writes in to talk about the newbie poly mistakes they made and to express gratitude at the educational materials PW provides so they don’t feel so alone!

30:05 Thanks

Thanks to our newest anonymous PW Playmate!

29:30 How to make this podcast better

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