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Mar 29, 2017

Help! My metamour wants to post about her relationship on social media, but I'm in the closet, which means she must be, too. Who decides when I come out?

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Today’s cohost is Lusty Guy

1:30 Announcements and host chat

4:25 Topic: who decides when I come out as poly?

M writes in to ask: my metamour Nina wants me to be out as poly so she can post about her relationship on social media and is convinced that M is only not coming out so she can hold on to her primary status. What to do?

20:20 Feedback

  • Alan wrote in to verify that yes, it’s usually the woman who asks for polyamory and to say he finds that Lusty Guy’s hedonism will give our opponents ammunition to use against polyamory
  • Anonymous poly doctor writes in to give feedback on episode 499 Coming out to your doctor and how to talk to your doctor about poly and STI screenings

32:00 Happy poly moment

Jodi shares a first public happy poly moment

33:30 How to make this podcast better

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