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Aug 16, 2005

Polyamory Weekly #22 is up!

Coming up on this week's show: mail, mail and more mail--just the way I like it! a message for the the perverts, a call for smut, and an upcoming interview.

Questions? Comments? Smut you'd like to send in? Email me at or call the listener comment line at 206-600-5677. Thanks for listening!

00-1:30 Intro
Under-18 disclaimer and Scarleteen and excitement about Ohio Leather Fest .

1:30-3:30-Listener mail: poly resource
Ohmygoddess shares another excellent poly dating site, , including a variety of forums.

3:30-6:45 Listener mail: heya from Justin
Graydancer's podcast is Rope Weekly, for those who are interested in Shibari.

6:45-9:05 Listener mail from a special friend
A special email with high praise for the minx, and find out minx' "bar name."

9:05-16:10 Listener mail: Weekly window of sharing
Comments and thoughts from a non-poly listener, and minx comments on deeply-engrained sex/dating/marriage paradigms and extends a special welcome to monogamous and non-labeled listeners. Intro/Outro music, BTW, is by Pacemaker Jane out of Ohio, and the song is called "Good Suspicions."

16:10- Contact info for minx, listener comment line at 306-600-5677

17:05-22:15 Listener mail: an important lesson about arguments
Jason writes in on the importance on knowing that the relationship is OK, even during a fight, and recounts a childhood story about hearing his parents argue. And what do you think of his new tagline suggestion?

22:15- 32:45 Listener mail: on being lucky
Luck, being put in the path of opportunities, and doing constant life work in order to recognize opportunies and be equipped to take advantage of them when they come along. Minx recounts a personal tale of "luck" and the non-luck-oriented events, actions and values that led up to it.

32:45-37:50 Listener mail: poly vs. swingers
N & A ask why many polyamorists often show disdain or disapproval of swingers; minx comments based on her own experiences and puts out a call for swingers to interview. Anyone out there up for discussing this further?

37:50-39:00 Perverts asking for pix
Find minx's face at Poly Weekly Show Notes page or her nekkid, tied-up bod at Graydancer's Gallery page.

39:00-39:25 Call for poly smut

39:25-40:20 minx needs help!
minx calls for help from her listeners for interviewing Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy this weekend. What would you ask them if you could?

40:20-43:40 Polyamory Weekly's philosophy/mission statement
It's official; this is what Polyamory Weekly has become. Our philosophy: Shared joy is increased; shared pain is lessened. That's why we're here.