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Aug 9, 2005

Show Notes for Polyamory Weekly #21:

Coming up on this week's show: indecent communication and the CDA, bumper stickers, that pesky mono to poly transition--how the hell do you do it??, swinging vs polyamory, and do you feel lucky?

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00-2:30 Intro
Adult disclaimer &; upcoming Ohio Leather Fest and hopes of interview with Dossie Easton and Catherine Lizst

2:30-7:20 News
Polyamory Weekly was mentioned on a CNET article! Violet Blue's Open Source Sex gets its props (RSS Feed, if you like, is: ). minx issues a call to her listeners for poly erotica--please send to me at! Let's smut up the internet! And thanks to Amy Gahran of Contentious blog for her intelligent, well-spoken comment.

7:20-11:45 Listener mail: CDA rantings, by MissLala regarding censorship

11:45-14:30 Listener mail: Jack rants on "Decency" and the CDA

14:30-16:00 Listener mail: resources
Brent writes in with resources to fight censorship:
Electronic Frontier foundation
Electronic Privacy Info Center:
American Civil Liberties Union:

16:00-16:50 Listener mail: Takanami writes in about sheep

16:50-18:20 Resource: poly-friendly bumper sticker
Tacit, creater of, a great poly resource site, has created a cool poly bumper sticker on his Cafe Press site:

18:20-24:50 Listener mail: going from mono to poly when in a relationship

24:50-30:35 Listener mail: healing when poly doesn't work
This one is painful to hear.

30:35-36:45 Poly vs swinging
Peppermint's notes/thoughts on July 7 LJ polyamory vs swinging: here

36:45-end Some toughts on being lucky
This intelligent rant is courtesy of tacit, who expressed so well the ideas of freedome of choice in our lives.