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Dec 30, 2007

What do you do if you're poly but no one you know is? How do you share NRE, frubble and questions? Email, call 206-202-POLY or leave a comment and check out show notes at the blog at

Dec 21, 2007

Fun, goofy, sexy holiday songs--some poly, some sexy, some just silly! Email, call 206-202-POLY or leave a comment at

Dec 17, 2007

Graydancer and Minx talk over love maps and how well you know your partner; Alan contributes a Poly in the Media segment. Email, call 206-202-POLY or leave a comment at

Dec 7, 2007

Does jealousy equal love? Why do we feel more jealous the deeper in love we get? Why does our society equate violent jealousy with true love? Email, call 206-202-POLY, Twitter cunningminx or leave a comment at the blog at

Nov 25, 2007

All listener mail, listener feedback and listener-suggested topics, all the time! Feedback on past shows and new topics, including how do single parents find time to be poly; do you facilitate a lie; and what do you do when one person is an ex but the other two aren't??

Email, call 206-202-POLY or...